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Presentation: ADVOCATE Field Studies: Using Academic Detailing to Improve Oral Health Care

Academic Detailing is an educational outreach that can be deployed to improve quality of care. This study describes the results of the ADVOCATE Field Studies; a proof of concept study aimed at evaluating whether Academic Detailing, reinforced with feedback information, can be used to intrinsically motivate general dental practitioners (GDPs) towards more prevention-oriented, patient-centred, and […]

Presentation: Utilization of Oral Prevention in a Market with Free Prices

Warranting preventive- and quality-oriented dental care remains a longstanding and challenging endeavor. In the Netherlands, dentists were allowed to set the prices for their dental services themselves during the year 2012 in replacement of a previously existing price ceiling with maximum tariffs. The ADVOCATE team exploited this unique natural experiment to determine price-elasticities of demand […]

Paper: Detecting and Resolving Data Conflicts when Using International Claims Data for Research

Using claims data for research is well established. However, most claims data analyses are focused on single countries. Multi-national approaches are scarce. The application of different anonymization techniques before data are shared for research as well as differences in the reimbursement systems hamper the use of claims data from multiple countries. This paper by the […]

Presentation: Acquiring routinely collected claims data: Lessons learned

The ADVOCATE team presented their lessons learnt from collecting dental health claims data across Europe for research. Read the summary on egms.de (in English): Haux C, Rosing K, Kalmus O, Knaup P, Listl S. Acquiring routinely collected claims data from multiple European health insurances for dental research: Lessons learned. 62. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für […]

Paper: A Consensus-Based Set of Measures for Oral Health Care

The ADVOCATE team published a paper in the Journal of Dental Research titled A Consensus-Based Set of Measures for Oral Health Care This study aimed to establish measures of oral health for transparent and explicit reporting of routine data to facilitate more patient-centered and prevention-oriented oral health care. To accomplish this, an intermediate objective was […]

Paper: Toward More Patient-Centered and Prevention-Oriented Oral Health Care

The ADVOCATE team published a paper explaining the novel methodology of ADVOCATE in JDR Clinical & Translational Research titled Toward More Patient-Centered and Prevention-Oriented Oral Health Care: The ADVOCATE Project. Read the abtract and full paper here: Leggett H., Duijster D., Douglas G., Eaton K., van der Heijden J.G., O’Hanlon K., Whelton H., Listl S.(2017). […]