Paper: Variations in the provision and cost of oral healthcare in 11 European countries: a case study.

There are wide variations between EU Member States in the manner in which oral healthcare is delivered, the cost and the extent to which the cost of treatment is subsidised from state funds or through private insurance. The ADVOCATE team established this in a paper recently published in the International Dental Journal. The case study draws data from a questionnaire answered by policymakers in 12 oral healthcare systems (11 EU-countries) on the portable costs and provision of treatment for a vignette presented as a pre-defined case.

Read the full paper and results here:

Eaton K.A., Ramsdale M., Leggett H., Csikar J., Vinall K., Whelton H., Douglas G. (2018) Variations in the Provision and Cost of Oral Health Care in 11 European Countries – A Case Study International Dental Journal, 19 Sep 2018,, doi: 10.1111/idj.12437.

The data used to visualise the maps below are estimates only. Please see full paper for exact data.